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if any body can offer please contact us

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

skype: bestvoip4


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amysun: hi
ChinaskylineAndy: we need pak and afghan routes , pls add my skype : chinaskylineandy
ChinaskylineAndy: skype: chinaskylineandy
Jessica Liang: Need Pak non ci and afghan routes ,as well as Cuba /Spiece /Geniu non cli with best target rate and stable traffic always wish you guys can offer contact me on skype :skyline.jessica or email me .beside we can offer gsm gateway also .have nice day :D
Jessica Liang: Need Cuba and Genius routes urgently .contact me on skype:skyline.jessica thank you
sandeep gsoft: hello
sandeep gsoft: am sandeep from gsoft technologies llc
sandeep gsoft: we have Routes for A-Z contries
sandeep gsoft: amy
sandeep gsoft: its me sandeep
sandeep gsoft: you forgot me
Guest_4768: hello
zubaiar_tel: Need traffic for BD CLI & NON CLI/INDIA CLI/PAK NON CLI. ONLY FOR PREPAID DRILL. SKYPE:shamim777477
Guest_3820: hello
Guest_3820: its jane from iqtelecom
Guest_3820: we are looking for 4478398 for uk mobile , canada 1867292 for both trafic is 35000 minuts per day
Guest_3820: is anyone offering??
Guest_3820: or any suggestion for premium routes vendor
Guest_3820: O.O
Guest_6343: 8)
Guest_3636: i want 100%cli route bd india
Guest_3636: asr =?
Guest_3636: =?
Guest_5501: we are looking for pak route if you have pls contact me skype:sue_skyviatelcom
Guest_6775: Hello,we are offering china cc ,Thailand cc,and usa cc routes with good callback at best price.if any one is interested you can contact me skype id:swetha.dvl
Guest_6073: hello we have china cc cli dual dtmf and china cli ,stable routes :)
Guest_6073: skype .. hancy.lee1
Guest_7254: we have bd and india cli route pls contact me skype:sue_skyviatelcom
Guest_4878: urgently need 500ports afghan MTN ncli(9376,9377),skype:chinaskylinerebeca
Nandy BNT: Offering Best Qualit CUBA CLI and CUBA NCLI Routes.. Contact over skype : nandy.bridgenexustel
Nandy BNT: and dealing A-Z CLI, NCLI and CC Routes
vinu: Hi, Get your Own Brand Voip Website with lot of features... 1) Voip Website :65$ 2) Payment Gateway :65$ 3) Google Analysis and SEO :75$ 4) 5 Brand Email Id's :50$ 5) Ip Configuration :45$ 6) Mobile Voip Website :110$ total:410$
vinu: voip reseller do u wanted pls contact now... skype: rajiv.jtel gmail: phone: 914651272627
vinu: my skype id vinu.jtel,vinoth jtel
Guest_6012: Looking for Pak cli or Pri route contact skype : husainsalaam
Guest_6012: any one have pak cli

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